Grant Proposal

When students in their higher academic level conduct some research or build a thesis, they have to submit a thesis or research proposal. At some cases, students even have to submit a grant proposal along with their research or thesis proposal. The main purpose of submitting a grant proposal is to secure funds which are required to conduct the practical work for the research such are lab activity. These funds are often provided by some funding agencies so that students can conduct their research. However, these funding committees do not provide funds to every single student. For winning the grants, students have to submit a grant proposal which is more like a thesis proposal but a detailed one. A grant proposal must contain a section which precisely describes that how the results of the particular research will be evaluated along with the statistical considerations of the research.


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How to tackle the problem?

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  • An appealing research question of the project
  • A well-formulated hypothesis
  • Clearly articulated aims and objectives of the project
  • Details of the project team(if required)
  • Precisely written description or abstract of the project
  • A background of the project or the scope of the problem that is indented to be resolved through the project.
  • A well-planned methodology to be used to conduct the research and to acquire the indented result. This will contain statistical consideration as well.
  • A clearly defined budget
  • Precisely written indented results, or the outcomes of the project
  • A reference list


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