Essays Seem Easy But, In Reality, These Documents Are Difficult

An essay is a short written document about a particular subject matter. In an academic career, a student has to write innumerable essays on different topics for different purposes. An custom essay writing is the most common academic activity and it contributes a great deal to the final grades of every student. However, not every student has the dexterity to write a perfect essay. Most of the students find essay writing task difficult either because they lack the ability to conduct a relevant research, or they have not mastered the art of essay writing. Such students find someone who can assist them with their essay-writing task.

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  • Expository essay: it explains some issue or event
  • Persuasive essay: it persuades the reader to adopt a particular behaviour
  • Analytical essay: it analyzes and investigates some issue or event
  • Argumentative essay: it poses an argument backed by facts and examples
  • Descriptive essay: it describes something
  • Narrative essay: it tells some kind of story
  • Compare and contrast essay: it compares and contrast of two different things or issues
  • Cause and effect essay: it explains why and how something has happened
  • Critical essay: it analyses the weaknesses, strengths, and methods of someone else’s work.
  • Scholarship essay: scholarships essays are required to be submitted by those students who are applying for the scholarship for their studies. It can vary in structure and subject matter but it must demonstrate the ability of the applicant.

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  • A captivating introduction
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