Social Media is the most convenient method disseminating information and for advertising a new product or concept. A good example is when Bloomberg wanted to launch its digital magazines; it put intensive efforts in understanding the online reading practices of people of people aged 25 to 55. The company knew   that most of their users would be from this age group looking for financial help and services for investments. Bloomberg stands out as the most popular choice in the digital magazine in social platforms largely due to the constant marketing efforts that they made in understanding a particular age group. Hence, the perception of companies about their users is also seen as a very important one as it directs them to put all their marketing efforts towards that particular group.

People in the age category of 50-64 are the ones who use social media websites less frequently than the other age groups. People belonging to this age bracket often use it for staying connected with their families and reading news occasionally. People in this age group are often found communicating with their children and grandchildren especially when they are abroad. Nearly half of the users in this age group make their accounts on Facebook so that they could be connected with their children who are overseas. People who do not have children living abroad are less likely to use social networking sites than people who do have children abroad.

There is considerably no difference in the usage of social media between women that are single or married or people that are employed or unemployed. Women perceive social media in a very different manner as compared to men and those who are addicted to it will look to use it in spite of their marital status. However, there is a considerable amount of difference in usage of social media between self-employed people in comparison to salaried or unemployed people. The reason for this is that business owners tend to stay active and play a more direct role on networking sites and blogs to promote their business especially when it is related to marketing and customer care..

Social media has brought the world closer via the Internet enabling smoother and efficient performance of business among geographically dispersed nations. In such cases, a business owner needs to be in constant contact with his clients or other branches that are operating abroad. Social media helps the owner of the business to stay connected with his clients and employees that are residing outside the country and in remote locations across the globe. As the world is globalizing, businesses function well beyond the parameters of the country where it was founded or operated previously. Nearly 15% of people of elderly people like to read news online and on a daily basis.

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