If you have been assigned to write an expository essay and you are seeking the help of someone who could help you with your expository essay and can tell you how to write an expository essay then you have clicked the right page. This article provides basic tips which will turn you from a beginner to a professional essay writer. Let’s start from the beginning!

Write your intro with your thesis. Are you confused that what a thesis is? A thesis is a statement which tells the reader what your essay is about. Knowing what a thesis statement is will not help you write a perfect thesis statement. You must know the formula for a thesis statement. Here is an easy formula to help you remember.

Topic + Answer + Because+ Reason = Best Thesis Statement

  • First, use the topic of the prompt.
  • Second, answer the prompt.
  • Now add the magical word “because”
  • Last, write your best reason that supports your ideas and viewpoint.

To understand the formula in a more precise manner here is a simple example.

Essay Prompt: Write an essay in which you explain the advantages or disadvantages of playing on a school team. 

Again, revise the formula Topic + Answer + Because+ Reason = Best Thesis Statement

Now put the matter accordingly

Topic: Sports Team

Answer: There are advantages


Reason: People, on a sports team, learn how to be reasonable in a group and depend on others.

Now we will write the thesis statement keeping in mind what we have done earlier. The thesis statement would be something like that:

“There is an advantage to being on a sports team because people learn how to be responsible in a group and depend on others”


Now comes the body of the essay. There is an easy method to write the body of an essay. this method is known as tree method.

The “TREE” in tree method stands for

T: Topic sentence

R: reason:

E: Example:

E: Explain

The body of an essay may have two to three body paragraphs or even more. Make sure that each paragraph must start with a topic sentence. Each paragraph will have its own distinctive topic sentence; however, each topic sentence must have some connection to the former paragraph. Each paragraph must also have an appropriate reason, example and explanation to support the topic sentence of it.

Then comes the conclusion where your must pack your essay in a small conclusive paragraph. You need few sentences to summarize your essay. Also, do not forget to RESTATE your thesis statement.

Hope this article have answered your question, “Who to write an expository essay?”. Now, you can also write an expository essay like a pro!