Most of the students are unaware of the fact that narrative essays are categorized as non-fiction essays. The reason for this is that these essays are written in the form of the narration of a personal experience. This experience could be of anything such as any memorable event, a near-death experience, etc. Put simply, narrative essays revolve around the narration of a particular event or experience. However, narration simply does not mean boring and description report of an event; it should be interesting enough to engage the reader throughout the essay. The Best way of trapping the reader inside the narration of your essay is to write vibrant and vivid details of that event.

If you have been assigned to write a narrative essay, then you must get yourself acquainted with following necessary steps.

  1. For a narrative essay, you need a plot. The plot must be of an average length so that you would not end up writing to lengthy or too short essay. Try to be more precise while choosing a plot, such as “the book that changed my life”. A plot such as “the story of my life” would be difficult to cover-up in a short essay. Therefore, make sure that you prudently select you plot.
  2. Now sketch the different events of your plot in a chronological order.
  3. The introductory paragraph of a narrative essay is not like a brief overview of the whole essay. In the introductory paragraph of a narrative essay, you must set the scene of the event you would narrate about. To do this, use vivid details and colorful imagery to make your essay more interesting.
  4. The body paragraphs must follow the chronological order of the event you chose to narrate about.
  5. The ending paragraph of your narrative essay must demonstrate the consequences of a particular event and its impact or importance in your life.
  6. Once you are done with your writing, leave your narrative essay for few hours and then proofread it to make necessary amendments.

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