Several study reports report that in HIV hyper-endemic nations, gender-based abuse is more prevalent. Researchers have also identified a correlation in India between the prevalence of the HIV virus and gender-based abuse.

In the middle of the pandemic and quarantines, a study on accelerated gender research on COVID-19 by Treatment and International Rescue predicted that gender-based abuse will increase. As a result, the study further recommended that current programs for victims of gender-based violence be planned and expanded. The study also stressed the need for internet resources to be improved to include social assistance and legal help.

Women should not always have rights over their sexual preferences, according to Menendez et al. Consequently, through the male carrier, they encounter sexual abuse and the danger of exposure to the infection. Okur stressed that because of the breakdown of the legislation, sexual and gender-based harassment rises during crisis scenarios.

Gender stereotypes also influence all components of an endemic, including sexual violence, according to the WHO global ethics unit. It also demonstrated the need for different programs in order to reduce the likelihood of abuse when persons are quarantined at home or in institutions.

The latest study would also concentrate on gender-based abuse, since it is highly underreported due to stigma and societal pressures, despite being a global epidemic. In addition, there is a scarcity of research focused on the incidence of violence depending on gender during disasters.

Consequently, in situations of gender-based abuse, those responding to crises are frequently not aware of the likelihood of a surge. Furthermore, they are also not able to cope with it, making the situation worse. Indeed, these are the lessons never taught, according to John et al.

We therefore have a restricted knowledge of how victims of gender-based abuse respond to the new pandemic situation. The present study therefore explores the links between gender violence and pandemics and also aims to define the possible policy solutions to alleviate the crisis.