Chemical Addiction Support Corporation Inc. is a well-known company for different communities in the treatment of psychiatric and mental health. This health agency has been able to negotiate successfully through several cycles of depression and boom.

The organization is now working on a plan to re-adjust its partnership assembly with the underlying priorities in accordance with the business veracity and improvements in the encouragement of patient treatment. The paper will review the CASA model and strategic plan under the directional approach, such as its vision, purpose, and value statement, based on the underlying inclusive achievements.

CASA builds on the idea of an existing ecosystem evolving, uniting the society into a single team and maintaining the advanced regulation of environmental innovation. A basic indicator of customer loyalty and other partners is patient-centered. Other partners in the organization’s health business include clients, customers, distributors and the general population.

CASA’s establishment of managed care has encouraged patients to use less resources to access health care in combination with declining visitors to the underlying health providers. Fewer visitors say that their breakup will lead to trained health practitioners.