Term Paper

Corruption In Government

International and national organizations and agencies have started becoming ineffective and the tools of the supposed leaders for serving the best interests of the populace are being misused. These injustices influence, encourage and at times even force diversity in the criminal justice system to increase. This diversification creates a sense of helplessness for the implementation and working of the laws within all government departments with particularity in the proper and independent functioning of the electoral, judicial and police departments. The actions and reactions to the created diversification are splitting the people within these departments and the duties the concerned officials are supposed to do take a back seat and instead priorities are changed from why duties should be conducted to how duties should be done.

The majority splinter groups tend to superimpose itself on the minority groups within their ranks with race, color, appearance, gender, religion, how people dress and other biased factors set in and the supposed work starts being based on who, how and why work should be done in a correct manner. The global psyche of human beings needs to be based on the principle, “live and let live”. When things are perceived to be going in the wrong directions, immediate accountability and corrective measures have to be taken. To stay in powers or for gaining illegal gratification, rulers, politicians and the decision makers are taking advantage of loopholes and the knowledge that they can get away with whatever wrongs they do.

In this morally and legally deteriorating situations the world over, corruption and malpractices are being accepted as the normally accepted things in life and in a chain reaction to these factors, even the criminal justice system is being contaminated. Tolerance, acceptance, and the human innocence are gradually being strangled, and a sense of insecurity is being imposed on people. By nature, humans are socially affable and accept each other as they are, but negativity, suspicion, and mistrust through the various new rules and regulations on one pretext or another are creating unnecessary diversities.

These diversities are promoted and justified as reasons for the good of society and yet they are tearing apart the very god given and constitutionally assured concepts and rights of the people.

These diversities are most of the time not serving the people but act against their best interests. The unbridled growing influence and flow of diversity in the criminal judiciary system appears to be destroying the very fabric of human values. It’s degenerating presence in the criminal justice system must be challenged and stemmed or better still, be wiped out before it becomes an uncontrollable raging inferno.

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