In the scholastic years, students have to deal with tons of essay writing task varying in subject matter, structure, purpose. A definition essay is one of the most common types of essay. This type is basically about defining a particular term. By defining does not simply means to search the meaning of the term from the dictionary and to articulate it as it is, it means to understand what a particular term means and define it in your own words.

There are several perspective of defining a particular term. You can define a term by explaining its function or its structure. You can even explain it by comparing it to a different term, which is closely related to it, or you can define your chosen term by telling what it does not mean.

First of all, you need to select a term and decide how to define it. When you want to define any concrete object, then you must better define it by explaining its function or structure. However, when you want to define any abstract term, such as “platonic love”, it is better to define it by comparing it to “romantic love” or by explaining, what “platonic love” does not mean. In the last two ways of explaining your term, you can even incorporate your personal point of view or personal experience. After selecting your term and deciding the particular way of defining your term, you are ready to spill the words on the paper.

Start your definition essay by telling your readers what the term means by writing a precise definition. Do not explain it briefly in this section. Then write a thesis statement that will add to your definition.

After a catchy introduction, present clear and basic information of the term being defined. Write different pieces of information in different paragraphs and back each with a fact, example, or an anecdote so that the reader can easily relate to it and understands it.

The last paragraph must summarize your whole essay and must contain a restatement of your thesis statement.

The main purpose of the definition essay is to define something or some term. Therefore, make sure that this purpose has been achieved through your essay. The last and most important thing to be done is to proofread your definition essay and omit redundant details. Also, rectify all your mistakes.

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