Having good writing skill is necessary to be successful in everyone’s academic career. Throughout an academic career, essay writing tasks very importantly and it can inculcate many necessary skills which are quite helpful during academic years. One of the best ways to hone your essay writing skill is to start writing different types of essays. Five paragraph essay is one of the easiest types of essay and it is usually assigned to the students of initial educational levels.

A five-paragraph essay is the best way to learn how to structure an essay in a more logical and meaningful way. During high school teachers often assign five paragraph essays to students in order to teach them about the basic structure of an essay. Once students become accustomed to the five-paragraph format, they can move on to write essays that are more complicated. A five-paragraph essay consists of an introduction which is the first paragraph followed by the body paragraphs and the last and the fifth paragraph is the conclusion which wraps up the entire essay in a single paragraph. The main objective of this article is to provide you some very useful tips to teach you to write good five-paragraph essays.

The Introduction (First Paragraph)

The introduction is the first paragraph of a five-paragraph essay and it has to be strong, engaging and appealing in order to lead the readers to read the entire essay with interest. This paragraph must provide a thematic overview of the entire essay. All the key points that need to be discussed in the later part of the essay must be briefly stated in this paragraph. The end of this paragraph must clearly describe the stance of the writer of his thesis.

The Narration (Second Paragraph)

This paragraph must provide the reader a structural overview of the entire essay. More importantly, it should contain a review of the background literature to dispose the reader to the topic. It may also define the key point #1 stated in the introduction backed with necessary facts and figures.

Affirmation (Third Paragraph)

This paragraph must provide some authentic facts, evidence, and arguments in favor of the thesis. In the second paragraph, one can also define the second key point stated in the introduction.

Negation (fourth Paragraph)

This paragraph must tell the reader any evidence or argument that goes against the thesis.  In this paragraph, the writer can also give describe his/her third key point in detail.

Conclusion (Last Paragraph)

In this paragraph, the writer must summarize his/her whole argument. He/she may also incorporate some suggestions to solve the discussed issue. Lastly, the writer must restate his/her thesis statement.

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