Unit 5007 Financial control
  1.1 Assess the relationship(s) between a financial system, /function and other systems/functions in an organisation 1.2 Describe the systems of accounts and financial statements used to control a financial system 1.3 Analyse financial information contained in a set of accounts or financial statements2.1 Construct a budget for an area of management responsibility 2.2 Develop budgetary control systems comparing actuals with planned expenditure  2.3 Discuss corrective actions to be taken in response to budgetary variations 2.4 Identity conflicts that can occur with management control systems and how these could be resolved or minimized 3.1 Define the current and potential sources of finance that support organizational activities 3.2 Evaluate the distribution of finance in support of organizational activities 3.3 Evaluate the monitoring and control of finance employed in support of organizational activities