Unit 5006 Conducting a Management Project Assignment

1.1 Assess and determine a management area for investigation that has an implication for a work-related area 

1.2 Identify and state concisely the and aim, scope objective of the project 

1.3 Justify the aim and objective of the project 

2.1 Identify and list brief details of sources of data and information for the project 

2.2 Consider and analyze the data and information for options or alternatives that meet the project aim 

2.3 Present arguments and ideas in a logical sequence to support the chosen option or alternative 

3.1 Produce an evaluation of the research to make conclusions 

3.2 State a recommendation of a course of action to meet the project aim 

3.3 Evaluate the factors such as risk, cost, time and human resources which could impact upon the project recommendations 

4.1 Consider the best medium to be used to show the results of the project 

4.2 Produce the results of the project in a logical concise and structured way 

4.3 Produce an executive summary (for stakeholders) 

4.4 Discuss the impact of the project on the work related data