1. Be able to identify stakeholders and their requirements 
1.1 Determine organisational stakeholders and their expectations 1.2 Discuss methods of meeting stakeholder expectations or requirements 1.3 Identify methods of communicating stakeholders’ requirements with team members 1.4 Explain processes for updating information on stakeholder requirements 
  2. Be able to apply and improve quality standards 
2.1 Discuss the meaning of quality to an organisation 2.2 Identify and apply organisational quality policies and procedures 2.3 Determine how to encourage staff to contribute ideas to improving quality 2.4 Conduct a quality audit and make recommendations for improvement   
  3. Be able to promote continuous improvement and change 
3.1 Discuss the concept of and need for continuous improvement 3.2 Assess work activities and identify areas for improvement 3.3 Encourage staff to contribute ideas for continual improvement