In scholastic career, every single student confronts withy tons of different academic tasks. The most common of all task is essay writing task. Essays are of different types, depending upon their subject matter and their structure. Argumentative essay is one of the most common essay types. This type of essay is quite beneficial for students as it teaches them to think analytically and argue his viewpoint.

A good argumentative essay depends upon three main qualities: precision in the argument, grounding in evidence and facts, and the clarity of the prose. If an argument has above qualities then its writer is more likely to persuade his audience or readers of his particular point of view.

 Argumentative essay:

  • The Title:

Try to draft a catchy essay title which would give a brief summation the argument of your essay. Students are wrong when they finalize their essay title at the first place, many great writers of the world suggest that it is better that one finalizes his essay title after completing his whole essay. The title must drive from the final argument of the essay.

  • Introduction:

The first sentence of the essay must act like a magnet which will attract the reader’s interest. The best way of writing such sentence is by posting some puzzle or question which will be answered in your essay. After that, write your thesis statement, which must be perfectly linked with the opening sentence of the introduction. The thesis must be of one or two sentences. It must be clear and precise. The thesis statement must clearly explain the reasons for the thesis.

  • The body

The ideal body of an argumentative essay is divided into two paragraphs. Both paragraphs will follow the same pattern.  Both paragraphs must have a Topic sentence which will clearly define the main argument of each paragraph. Topic sentence will be followed by relevant examples and evidence to support the topic sentence in each paragraph.

  • Conclusion

Firstly, briefly summarise your thesis or main argument then speculate different possibilities to persuade your audience to your viewpoint.  Feel free to share border idea that flows from your main argument and its evidence. The conclusion can also offer some lessons to the readers or it may give some suggestions regarding a problem.

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