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Types Of Government

It is impossible for countries to function without a government. There are several forms of government like democratic governments, republics, monarchy, aristocracy and dictatorial form of government. A government is a group of people that run and manage the state. The core responsibility of the government is to implement public policies for the welfare of the population. The government controls the activities of the population with the implementation of laws which are enforced if necessary upon the population. The government consists of the legislature, executive, judiciary and interior ministries. Different departments and ministries are responsible for different aspects of governance. Without government, there would be lawlessness and anarchy in the land as the strong would dominate the weak and there would be no means for the collective union.

The most common concept of nation is in regards to an “ethnic community” that essentially share a common descent, a common history, common territory and live in solidarity together. It can also be described as a cultural/political group of people that is aware of its consistency, unity and political interests. A society is a planned system of human organization that lives together for security and common goals for all members of the community

Participation is necessary because citizens have the constitutional right to know how the government is spending their taxes, how their elected representatives are using the power of their office and also to protect their interests by voicing their opinions. Participation also means voting in the elections and protesting against the government if it does not take care of their interests. Democracy requires contestation so that those in government keep in mind that if they do not perform and act in the best interests of the population, they can be removed from power by their opposing party through contested elections.

The dilemma of most Americans is the thought that the American political system should be run by educated and honest people and can be run effectively only if it has a proper system of checks and balances. The government has a duty to protect the people from all forms of harm and that the political system must not be used for creating inequality or for the personal benefits for the elite or ruling class. The main thing was to keep self-interest individuals or groups from misusing power that has been given to them by the people. If that happens, most of the current problems of the country will simply vanish

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