Global warming is one on the biggest concern that we are facing presently. Global warming is the gradual heating of the Earth’s surface, oceans, and atmosphere. Scientists have observed, trough different global warming reports, the increase in overall temperature of Earth. Global warming is primarily caused by human activities. Due to this unfavorable condition, the human race, animals, and plants face devastating consequences, and with the passage of time, these consequences will become even worse.

Human activities are the real cause of global warming. The activity that plays a major role in disturbing earth’s atmosphere is the burning of fossil fuels. Because of this activity, dangerous gases such carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, and other greenhouse gases, emit into the atmosphere. Transport has become a necessity of human race; they use transportation for their convenience and ignore the fact that burning of fuel (gasoline) for transportation is another cause of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Humans also are ignorant of the adverse effects of deforestation. Deforestation also contributes a great deal to the increase of Earth’s temperature. Human wipes out forests in order to attain wood or land. The forest is a great source to keep the Earth’s surface moist. Trees protect the land from the sun rays, which dry up the land and increase the temperature. Moreover, trees are the best source to consume carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere. Therefore, when human beings wipe out the forest, they actually destroy the source, which can lower the temperature.


Global warming has disastrous consequences on human, animal, and plants. The most noticeable threat of global warming is the increase in the temperature and extreme climatic changes. As the temperature of the earth increases, the ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland melt, due to which sea level rises. The rise in the sea level is gradually swallowing up the dry land. Most of the islands and countries are about to vanish from the map because of the rise in the sea level.


The increase in temperature, Earth’s plants and crops face many problems.  The land is becoming barren day by day, due to which Earth is facing the major crop failure. Moreover, the disturbed temperature causes the widespread extinction of many species of animal and plants. Extreme weather condition not only jeopardizes plants and animal life, but it is also a life threatening condition for human beings as well.

The serious measure must be taken in order to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide gas and other greenhouse gases so that the level of these gases in the atmosphere would be stabilized. Reforestation can also help to maintain the temperature of the earth. Human must understand the dangers of the global warming and must avoid doing those activities which sabotage Earth’s temperature and atmosphere.

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