Frantz Fanon’s Emphasis on National Culture

Franz fanon was a born Afro-Caribbean philosopher and revolutionary scholar. He was educated in France and joined the Algerian National Liberation. Fanon believes that people in colonized societies must understand their cultural value within their national existence. The national reality rather than cultural obliteration must be considered if one wants to strive for the freedom. In his speech to the Congress of Black African Writers, Fanon speaks in the defense of a national culture that has been destroyed by systemic imperialism. He motivates his fellow revolutionary writers to rebuild this destroyed national identity.

According to Fanon, colonizers have systematically imposed the idea of a unified race by establishing the term Negros. Every Negro has been aligned because of their race and his national identity has been abducted from him. By classifying Negro as a single race, colonizers have deprived them of their national identity. Fanon believes that we are embracing what our rivals have imposed upon us. Fanon posits that instead of embracing colonizers-made cultural identity we must embrace our national identity in our pursuit of freedom.

He believes that Black people of one colonized stated have different sort of struggles as compared to the black people of other colonized states. He does not deny the importance of culture, he rather instead that the culture must be understood within the context of nationality. Thus, he introduces the new term “National Culture”.

The victims are been imbued with the principle of racism by colonizers. The native intellectual must also strive to advance the movement of national liberation rather than cultural liberation. Cultural or racial liberation is simply unattainable until the national liberation has been acquired. The victims must fight for their existence as a nation, not as a race.

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