Application Of sociology

Sociology deals with social events. All human relations fall under the study of sociology. Sociology is the study of structure, functions, and problems related to human groups. Therefore, all social phenomena of any nature fall in the field of sociology. Sociological knowledge is as vast as social relations. We can apply this knowledge in the explanation of all social events. There are certain very important aspects of social life in which sociological knowledge is applied.

  • Education and research

In the field of education, sociology explains the condition and problems of social life to the individuals. Sociology is taught as a subject in most of the universities around the world. Sociology, as a subject, grooms one’s understanding of societal affairs. It also helps to cultivate a better idea about how to solve prevailing social problems of a particular society.

  • Agriculture

Agriculture is considered as the backbone of any nation. The students of sociology spread the awareness regarding agriculture and its importance by means of propaganda, publicity, exhibitions, and other means of communication. They promote mechanized tendency among farmer to attain the self-sufficiency in the agriculture sector. Rural sociology’s main aim is to increases yield per acre. Sociology student helps people in providing the latest information on new seeds and motivate them for sowing in on trial basis.

  • Industry

The industrial relations are much importance to the students of industrial sociology. The relation between the workers and the owners need urgent attention of the sociologists. When the workers go on strike or the mill-owner lock their mills, the social situation becomes tense. Sociologists play their part and make the miles go by arbitration between the owner and the workers.

  • Trade and business

Sociology has its share in the field of trade and business also. Sociologists boost up the disposal of industrial goods by publicity measures and persuade the owner of industries to raise the quality of products so the consumption may be accelerated.

  • Health

Sociologists are also at work in creating drug banks and blood banks for needy patients in hospitals. Those patients who show little progress in their treatment usually lose hope of life. sociologists, after close study of their social life and disease, change their attitude with the help interaction that helps the patient to respond to the medical treatment. The students of sociology help a lot in the treatments of neurosis and rehabilitation of drug addicts as workers of Medical Social Welfare.

  • Population planning

Some sociology students research in the field of population planning. These students play a key role in motivating individuals towards the control in the expansion of population.

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