Should children be allowed to follow their instincts?

Instincts are the natural calling of animals and human beings. Instinct also refers to the individual’s natural propensity of some kind. Every human being is born with distinctive instincts which cultivate with the passage of time. A person is greatly influenced by his instincts as it governs his attitude, habit, desires, and goal. Most of the people are in favor of allowing every child the liberty of exercising his natural instincts. On the contrary, there are people who believe that instincts need to be contoured by imposing prevailing social norms on every individual to maintain the harmony of the society.

Those people who believe that a child must follow no one but his instincts give augments on the basis of different factors. Firstly, they believe that a child is at his best only if he is following his instincts. History has engraved the name of many remarkable personalities who obeyed their instincts gain mortality by their remarkable work. Secondly, they believe that I child’s instincts help him to know his true potentials and capabilities. Shaping up the character of a child according to the prevailing attitude of the society is like cutting off the wings of the child he was born with. The creativity of children tarnishes away when they are being institutionalized. Sigmund Freud has illustrated that what institutionalization and civilization snatch away from us by asserting, “We believe that civilization has been created under the pressure of the exigencies of life at the cost of satisfaction of the instincts”. This is the reason why most influential personalities could not cope up with their education institutions like Einstein and Bill Gates.  The true wisdom lies within the natural innate capabilities of a person and Oprah Winfrey has rightly said, “Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself”.

The opponents give arguments based on the instances where people ended up being miserable and a threat to the society by following their instincts. Criminals also follow their instincts. This shows that reliance on instincts is not always beneficial. Children are very impressionable; they may end up directing their instincts towards a wrong path. Therefore, a constant surveillance and supervision must be given to a child at his early age.

It is indeed true that leaving a child’s future on his instincts is not always advantageous. Parents must allow their children to follow their instincts but they must also keep a check on them so that they would not end up being a threat to the harmony of society.

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