Racial issues on American campuses

Until emancipation, African Americans were legally not allowed higher education, and in many states, they were barred from education altogether. Laws established by legislative bodies made the teaching of reading or writing to slaves a crime. After the abolishment of slavery, blacks struggled to educate themselves and their children. Black colleges were established, and until 1960 most black students received their education from these colleges. As a result of Civil Rights movements and federal programs financially supporting African American students, black students started enrolling in predominantly white colleges. Despite hopes of being treated equally in these desegregated institutions, the early promises in opportunities have dried up because of the decline of blacks in these segregated colleges.

The last few years have seen a decline in black enrollment in colleges. We can base such a major quantitative change on various factors including: hostility to Blacks at many institutions, and the faculty and deans remain insensitive. We also need to count that many blacks are joining the military, because of the more hospitable environment. More over the dreadful economy fails to provide substantial financial aid for black students. One factor also comes from the kind of upbringing and cultural influences that the black students face, many of them turn to crimes, drinking, drugs, and drop out of high school for trivial pleasures.

Due to this factor, even students who manage to save themselves from such social evils do not get the proper guidance to enter a college and fail to produce the required SAT score. And let’s say that a small percentage of these do find the right way to enter a college, there they face and the entire new world, that works on a futile system of status and color, which ultimately gives rise to many unnecessary racial issues. Discrimination is defined as “differential practices” carried out by members of the majority group. Black students face blatant discrimination by white students, white faculty members, white administrators and even the white domestic staff.

Several students have spoken in interviews of how they became conscious of being black only when they enrolled in colleges. One student said that she never recalled being called a nigger in High School. This happened only in college. Blacks complain of racists jokes that are meant only to hurt their feelings. These jokes are told specifically when they are around.  Racial discrimination goes beyond mean jokes. Racial aggression is quite common on U.S. campuses. There were published reports of at least 175 racial incidents against black students.

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