Arguments Related To School Uniforms

There are many arguments, posed by the advocates of school uniforms, which recount the importance and benefits of schools uniforms. These arguments are mainly based on three different categories:

Arguments based on education-socialization benefits:

The arguments presented by the proponents of school uniforms are mainly based upon the importance of education. They believe school uniforms help students focus on their studies as they rather than being indulged in fashion trends. Moreover, schools can promote discipline and self-esteem among all the members of the institute. Not only this, school uniforms also motivate students to focus on the grooming of their character rather than focusing on their outer appearance only.

Arguments based on social benefits:

Apart from being beneficial for studies, school uniforms also demolish the social discrimination caused due to the adoption of fashion trends by some well-off students and lack of fashion sense by students belonging to the low-class family. Chances of being embraced because of less attractive clothing sense and being bullied for this also reduce when schools have their own uniforms.

Arguments based on administrative benefits:

Supporters of uniforms also believe that uniforms help the administrative faculty to enhance the safety of the students as different uniforms of different campuses help them to divide students into separate groups; hence it becomes easy to monitor them easily. The disciplinary problems also reduce and unity and intimacy increase among students when they wear same clothes. Schools uniforms create equality among students and encourage fraternity among them.

Arguments based on Security Benefits:

Many instances of violence can also be decreased by making school uniforms mandatory. Many gangs used to have a distinctive dress code. Each member of a particular gang adopts its dress code to show his or her affiliation to the gang. And by such demonstration, many instances of violence has been reported in different institutes, as a member of a rival gang can easily be detected and can be victimized brutally. School uniforms wipe out the chances of demonstrating affiliation through a particular wardrobe, an as a result, potential violent activities can be succumbed.