Edward Burnett Tylor Theory

According to Edward Burnett Tylor, the founder of cultural anthropology, “culture is a complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, moral laws and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society”( Origins of Culture). Culture, according to Tylor, is a complete self-working system of human achievements. These achievements are categorized into material and non-material objects which are the self-motivating units of culture. By way of simplicity, we consider culture as an interrelated unit of its interdependent parts. This interdependence of composing elements makes a web of interrelationship within itself to make the system of culture work as a complex whole.

Complex Culture:

A culture is a complex structure having an efficient technology. It has following characteristics:

  • Relatively larger population
  • “true” division of  a labor which depends on larger population and specialization
  • Economic surplus
  • Efficient technology
  • Number of increased institutions
  • Increase in mercantile specialist
  • Time on spent on specialization increases
  • Growth of sub-groups and increased number of alternative

While an advancement of cultures is that the culture is changing in conformity with its value and the values in such cultures are the goals of functions. The role performance of people is centered on attainment of their cultural values.

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