Heaven Of Technologies

Our world is considered as a heaven of technologies. Every person in his/her life has a great use of technology. Technologies such as smartphones, computers, smart laptops, etc, have changed our lives significantly. People use technologies to make their life much easier. However, the handiness of the technologies comes with some negative impacts in our lives. Our generation depends upon these technologies to a great extent, and due to this, we are ignoring some more important things and relations in our lives.

Have you ever considered doing your work without using your computers and laptops?

If your computer has got any problem or if your internet is not working, then you put your things aside and stop doing your work. Moreover, the nature of work has also evolved with the advent of technologies. No office work is totally free from the usage of technologies. In our work hours, we continuously need to use our gadgets in order to surf the internet or the check and send emails.

Not only work hours, these technologies have also invaded our family time. Most families are now having a communication gap because of the extensive use of the technology. Even if all the family members are sitting together, they dig their heads inside the screens of their smartphones. Due to this, a proper family time and a face-to-face conversation are getting disturbed.

Addictive Of Technologies

People have become too addictive of technologies that most of their physical abilities and mental skills are gradually fading away from their lives. With smartphones in our hands, we hardly need anything to memorize. Moreover, the excursions and errands to the shopping malls and grocery stores are replaced by online shopping. People can now easily find things and order them just by a simple click. Apart from this, our younger generation likes playing games using PlayStation and Xbox. They hardly have any physical activity and outdoor games that make them fit. The excessive use of gadgets is paralyzing human being and promoting an unhealthy living style.

There is no doubt on the benefits that technologies have brought in over lives, but they also affect our lives adversely. We have become too dependent on these technologies that every single work we do has an involvement of them. Without our cell phones, we find ourselves unable to breathe or to do anything effectively. People must use these technologies to a limited extent and must cherish the face-to-face conversations with family, errands to the nearest mall, and good outdoor activity with friends.

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