Fast Food

A former executive at some of the nation’s largest food and Beverage Company contends that you do not have to stop eating junk food in order to lose weight. To lose weight you need to cut down on calories without changing the way you eat. Junk food is not exactly healthy food, but if you consume fewer calories, you automatically take in less fat and sugars, thereby losing weight. In his book “Stuffed” Cardello provides insiders’ account food company practices, failed government and misleading media that are responsible for the obese American. He recounts how food companies have conveniently ignored healthier food, and have worked hard at pushing consumers towards “convenience foods” blatantly ignoring health issues.

Corporate profits have been considered more important and from grocery aisles to restaurant booths, they have shaped your menu selection. Cardello explains the thinking behind marketing strategies that have made tremendous profits for the food industry and has made Americans fat. In this paper, I shall attempt to highlight how can an individual lose weight while not damaging or disrupting a person’s love of fast food or even his/her dependence on fast food according to the varied lifestyle. America’s fascination with fast food is the story of postwar America. The idea of fast food was originally conceived in California, and it travels all the way to New Jersey, the industrial corridor where most of the enticing flavors for fast food are concocted.

Fast food has quickened the pace of destroying the American landscape, widened the gap between rich and poor, promoted obesity and spread American cultural influence across the globe. These are serious contentions, but they can be validated with some classy reporting and careful observations. The health crises as it relates to nutrition are a complex issue without any easy solutions. However, this problem is not intractable. New ideas must be explored and risks must be taken by changing the way food is prepared and sold. Restaurants are designed to induce people to eat out. With advertising, and appealing décor they are very appealing.

The use of bright lights, loud music, and seating does not encourage lolling. Despite the image of eating and leaving quickly, Americans are eating out more than ever On this depends the future health of our children? Blaming just the food industry is futile. They only promoted their food. No-one was forced to consume the delicious and convenient food that was produced. However, to fix the problems of fast food, we need, to begin with the food industry, not because it bears the most responsibility, but because they are the only ones that can make a difference and change the eating habits of Americans.

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