Theme of Love In Harry potter

J.K. Rowling’s Harry potter is one of the most loved and read fictional novel. The novel is divided into seven books. The novel is about the quest of good against evil. The fight between two common antitheists, good and bad, lingers in most of the scenes of the novel. Apart from this, the theme of love is also very prominent in all seven books of the novel.

Love plays an important role in developing the story and plot of the novel. The love stands as a power against the evil which aids harry to win his quest. The starting of the novel illustrates parental love. Harry’s parents died while protecting him. His mother shields him with her love by sacrificing her life. This shield protects harry and gives him the fortitude to stand against the most dangerous and unbeatable villain.

Voldemort lacked the power of love; on the other hand, Harry was blessed with many people who loved him and was ready to sacrifice their lives for him. His two best friends, Hermione and Ron, never left him alone. They always stand by his side. The novel also addressed many fights between these friends but these were not enough to break their friendship. Harry was blessed with other loving people also, like Serious Black who was his Godfather and Ron’s sister with whom Harry got married after accomplishing his task.

Harry’s hatred for Voldemort was sprouted out of his love for his parent. He did not spend much time with his parents but the sacrificial death of his parents build an unbreakable bond between them. To avenge his parents’ death, Harry decided to kill Voldemort even at the cost of his own life.

The second last confrontation of harry Voldemort in the dark forest was also encouraged by his love for his fellow mates. Voldemort knew that Harry could not see his friends die, therefore; he asked Harry to surrender himself to save the lives of his friends.

Although in the final fight, harry was well equipped with all three Deadly Hollows, but the power of love was the one that helped Harry fight Voldemort throughout the novel. Harry did not have the greed of fame. The reason he decided to fight against evil is solely the love he has for his parent, friends, and teachers. The ultimate power that helped Harry to kill Voldemort was love. J.K.Rowling used the theme of love frequently in this novel to build the plot of the novel as well as to show the importance of love and friendship.

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