Being a successful person, in the modern world, means being wealthy and famous. The definition of success has indeed evolved to such an extent that the true meaning of success has been ignored. It is impossible to achieve true happiness solely by means of financial value and fame. In our lives, we meet many people who seem to be quite discontented with their lives despite the vast monetary acquisition. Even wealth and rich people are dissatisfied with their lives, they could not comprehend the true meaning of their lives and regret over their choices. With money, one can buy comforts and conveniences of lives, but cannot buy love, respect, integrity, appreciation, honesty, and knowledge, which are true determiners of happiness and success.

Success does not mean financial satisfaction it means mental satisfaction. The mainstream media and marking have imbued our minds with the word definition of success of their own means. The success is associated with luxuries care, garments, huge houses, popularity, etc. however, those who have achieved all such things cannot find true satisfaction. Money does not make a person intellectual or knowledgeable; it requires committed years of study. Likewise, money does not foster a good relationship with husband and wife, for this one needs commitment and sacrifice. In short, the most valuable principles are unattainable by means of financial value.

Therefore, the commercialized definition of success needs to be altered, as one cannot lead a happy life without having integrity, love, honesty, respect, knowledge in his life. Money does make life easier and more comfortable but it does not make it better. Being successful simply means being happy and content with the life, and material possession does not guarantee both. The commercials that flash our television screens ingrain the wrong definition of success in our minds. These commercials deceive us and distract us from truth and reality. The happiness of life lies within the mental satisfaction of a person. Success is more about learning subtleties of life which make living more enjoyable and interesting. It can also be attained by spending time for good causes such as helping others. The satisfaction of spreading happiness is incomparable with all the comforts that money can buy.

Conclusively, money is not the pathway to success. There are other things that contribute to the success of someone, such as love, respect, wisdom, patience, etc. The mainstream marketing shows a fake image of success to manipulate people to achieve their personal means and goals.


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