Considering the complication and everyday issues in every person’s ethical life, it has been observed that most ethical theories have given too much emphasis on duty, correctness and binding legal agreements. However, sometimes it is not possible for a person to achieve what is good by combining dissimilar aspects that work well together. Sometimes these theories are not effective because of varying reasons and the motives for taking the action that the person took according to the situation which had to be resolved. Sometimes, these situations put people in very difficult and awkward situations which disrupt the normal course of their lives.

Alternatively, “Utilitarian” theories may be either act or rule utilitarian. This means that any person making an ethical decision would consider the consequences of his decisions before acting upon the decision that he has made. As a management consultant, you might advise him to make a decision that would be for the greater good. Although the person would make his decision based on laid down rules and regulation, this might not benefit everyone in similar situations immediately. However, in the long run, the decision taken according to rules will provide the greatest benefit to the community which has benefitted.

There are some situations in which utilitarian decisions will not be acceptable to some theoreticians, especially decisions that promote personal gains at the expense of society and decisions that do not achieve the desired ends. Ethical decisions that deal with rights generally provide guidelines for the decision maker to ensure a high opinion of the person making the decision Businesses have very complicated problems and ethical decisions may be very difficult to make that do not conflict with someone or something. Business owners are expected to make decisions on several issues, because when times are tough, the decisions could be tougher and not very popular.

In many cases, business dilemmas may be solved quickly and the action that is taken might not be considered to be ethically correct.  Whatever the consequences of the decision, the businessman should learn from past mistakes when facing similar situations. . Managers and business owners should always be on guard and seriously think about the consequences of their previous decisions before making another one. It is very normal that there is no one who can make perfect decisions consistently but when one makes consistently profitable decisions, he or she stands a better chance to move on to greater heights in his business.

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