Social interaction is the main factor that which stimulates all other social processes. There are two major types of social interaction: Direct interaction and symbolic interaction.

  • Direct interaction:

It involves physical action among the individuals such as beating, biting, pushing, pulling, thrashing, scratching, wrestling, kissing, hugging, etc. a game between two teams or a war between two countries is also the examples of direct interaction. Direct interaction is a type of interaction in which a subject physically influences his object and initiates a social process.

  • Symbolic interaction:

Symbolic interaction involves the use of language and semiotic use. It means a communication between individuals or groups by means of language, signs and symbols in a symbolic process. This is the most common method of interaction among people of a society. Human beings convey their ideas, thoughts, and conventions through language. When a communication gets a proper response, then it is said to be an effective communication. Human beings are distinct from other creatures because of their intellect and way of communication. There is no denying that human beings’ methods of communication are sharp and effective as compared to other creature. Langue is a basic element of any culture, any culture of the world expand and change by means of language or symbolic interaction. Language reflects the norms of a particular culture. None of the cultures of the world can survive without a distinct language.

Through language, man preserves his past experiences and transmit it to the future generations. In this way, the transmission of culture becomes possible. The transmitted culture adjusts to the new social conditions and evolves according to them. A culture, which has the quality of gradual evolution, is known as a living culture.

Society adopts and gives life to its culture. Among animals, the symbolic interaction has no system of transmitting experiences to the next generation. Animals survive by following their instincts only. That is why there is no well-defined family system among animals.  The social interaction between animals is simply instinctive and not by reason. Human beings use instruments to facilitate symbolic interaction. Telephone, Smartphone, postal system, emails, rail, roads, are various means of communication and transportation. Gestures are also considered as symbolic interaction. Deaf and dumb people transfer their ideas through gestures, sign language, and body language. Face expressions are also a type of symbolic interaction.


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