The most important part of writing an academic paper is to conduct an authentic and relevant research. Students often find it difficult when it comes to gathering authentic material for their paper. Most of the students use wrong ways to collect data. They fall into the trap of using free samples available on the internet, or they may copy someone’s idea or work without referring it properly in their paper. Research work is not as difficult as students think it to be. If student searches with the proper strategy then they will surely get the desired result. Some effective tips that would help students to conduct their research are given below.


Decide your research question

The first and foremost thing to be done is to finalize the research question. A clear idea of the topic and research question will help you filter up all the data you came across while searching for relevant material. Keep this research question always in your mind while conducting research. As you come from different sources, try to evaluate each source by asking yourself whether this particular source answers your research question or not. There will be plenty of data that will look relevant to your topic. Focus only on those materials that will help you answer your question.

Determine your research scope

The research scope will help you outline your research. Through this, you can decide how broad your research scope will be.  If you are writing an essay, your research must be according to it, but if you are writing a dissertation then you must limit your research according to the scope of your dissertation. Decide clearly, what will you cover and what you will you omit. Try to adhere to the decided scope, otherwise, you will cross your research limit and will create problems for yourself.

Learn to gather authentic Sources

One thing students must keep in their mind is that the internet is a stream of information, most of which are not authentic. Try not to rely on websites to collect the material. Try to depend on authentic sources such as books, magazines, journals, encyclopedias, reference books, newspapers, letters, interviews, blogs, etc. Moreover, being a student gives you a golden chance to explore the library of your academic institute. Try to allot time, especially, for searching libraries to gather authentic information. Apart from these, you can also register yourself to the authentic database of your academic institution in this way you can have an easy access to the credible resources.

Note down important things

Take a notepad with you to note down the important quotes and ideas from selected sources. Firstly, write down the full reference of the source, then the quotation, then a short summary of that quote, and lastly explain how this particular source is relevant to your research topic. This will help you locate all the needed information when you will start writing your draft.

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