Most of the students have to write a scholarship essay when they are applying for a scholarship for their desired educational institute. The most common mistake most of the students make is that they forget the sole purpose of the scholarship essay which is to judge the potential of the candidate. Therefore, no matter what the topic is, remember that your essay must demonstrate who you are and why the selection committee prefer you as a scholarship candidate over other candidates.

There are few do’s and don’ts that you have to know before writing a scholarship essay

Do: The most important thing is to read the essay prompt provided by the educational institute before writing the scholarship essay. if you would not follow the word count limit and other formatting requirements then you must prepare yourself for later disappointment and rejection of the scholarship request.

Do Not: Starting an essay with a quote might be a prudent technique, but for scholarship essay it does not work. Do not use any other’s words or quote; rather use your own words to leave a lasting impression on the reader.

Do: Be precise while writing your scholarship essay. You must not waste your time for overloading your essay with unnecessary details. Try to be concise and clear and make sure that each paragraph of your essay discusses only a single argument or point.

Do Not: do not initiate your essay with a perfunctory sentence such as “in this essay…” . Do not even use such sentences in your entire essay?

Do: tell a personal story in your scholarship essay. This personal story must demonstrate your personal interests, goals, experiences, and potential.

Do Not: do not try to be over smart by picking up new words from a thesaurus and incorporating them in your scholarship essay. You might end up using a word which would be inappropriate for the context.

Do: make sure that you conduct a research on the history, goals, and values of the organization you are applying for. Then incorporate those details which show that you are fit as a candidate for the scholarship of the organization.

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