Practical Nursing

Practical Nursing has its basis in ‘theories’ which makes the nursing discipline a profession. It is the theories that set the course and leadership for the structure of professional nursing practice, learning, and investigation. These theories are what make nursing the focal point and what separates it from other professions. These established theories are what provide reviews, influence events and measure nursing precision. They make provisions for underlying principles and justification for gathering consistent and dependable about the health status of patients which are necessary for operational determinations and execution.

The theories assist in ascertaining standards for judging the worth of nursing care. The nursing theories develop an ordinary and widespread vocabulary that can be used for communicating with other health competencies. Nursing theories also improve the independence for the definition of its own self-supporting roles. The theories also provide an outline for syllabus planning and for directing elements of the subject that are to be taught. The practice of nursing is based on several basic concepts or meta-paradigms. This theoretical structure of nursing theories is the accepted standards because a meta-paradigm is made up of several connected concepts which include: Patients who received the nursing care, Situation, and atmosphere.

Health and Nursing. The patient is the one who receives nursing care, situation/atmosphere means the internal or external context that influences the patient. Health means the degree or physical, emotional and mental health of the patient and nursing means the attributes, characteristics, and functions of the nurse providing care to the patient  Nurses have to make countless decisions every day. The success and value of the decisions made by nurses are essential for ensuring effective results in a clinical setting. If the theoretical process is not properly understood or applied in an improper manner, the consequence can be disastrous in the expected results. In addition, immature actions taken without thinking will impact important decision because of lack of knowledge and appropriate experience.

When a nurse is confronted with clinical problems, the nurse must adhere to organized, tried and tested processes to make a clinical decision. While there may be several different ways to implement these processes, they can be briefly described as follows: The first thing to do would be to identify and understand the problem, Next the objective must be made clear as to the steps to be taken to rectify the problem, Priorities must be set in the in the application of the process, The steps taken must be able to solve the problem, Processes and produced used must conform to approved techniques and treatments.

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